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Whatever marketing material you have in mind to advertise your business, JB Direct Mail Incorporated can print it. We provide advertising printing services for customers in Toms River, NJ & Brooklyn, NY. Our team can give you professional-looking...

Postcards | Letters | Business cards | Door hangers | Brochures | Pocket folders

Printing in color is no problem for us, and we can even print unique shapes. For an additional small fee, we'll die-cut your materials into desired shapes, like hearts or cars. We can also create promotional materials like pens, bottles and bags.

You can think outside of the box for your next advertising campaign, then relax while we bring your ideas to life. Contact us right away to get advertising printing services.

What is Inkjet addressing?

What is Inkjet addressing?

• Inkjet addressing is when addresses are printed directly onto a mail piece by a specialized inkjet printer. Inkjet printing allows for high-speed printing at low prices. Inkjet printing sprays ink directly onto a piece as opposed to laser, offset printing and labels. Inkjet printing is most commonly used for printing small pieces of variable data like addresses, taglines, salutations, etc. Typically mail pieces are offset printed or digitally printed and then the address is inkjet printer onto the piece- This is how we do it at JB Direct using our Hawk M6 Variable inkjet machines.

• Another advantage of inkjet printing is that finished pieces can have addresses inkjet printer directly onto them. For instance, a booklet, self-mailer, or glossy postcard can have the address inkjet printed directly onto the finished piece even after it has been folded, bound, tabbed, or coated.

• Some clients even elect to print variable data like salutations or codes using inkjet printers due to low costs of printing. Inkjet printing looks more professional than applying labels and is also more cost effective. This technology is a great way to add personal data like addresses, taglines, promotional codes, and barcodes to any mail piece. Inkjet addressing looks professional, is cost effective and will add variable data that is essential to your mailing. Ask us how!

• We can even inkjet on high gloss UV-coated materials!

• Your mail is always prepared and sorted for the lowest possible postage rate. We prepare and sort your mail pieces all the way down to the postal carrier route sequence, which means it is in order for the postal carriers' routes as they deliver from house to house or building to building.

• This equates to cheaper rates and faster delivery, which is better for you and your business.