At JB Direct Mail Incorporated, we believe all businesses deserve to be able to leverage the power of direct mail advertising. For a business, advertising is a MUST, to reach out to new clients and to keep your loyal customers returning. Direct mail is still the leader when it comes to print advertising. Direct mail is more than simply sending your special deals to a large mailing list. Direct mail is about sending targeted messages to targeted mailing lists. Let the direct mail experts at JB Direct Inc. assist you with all your direct mail needs.

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Direct Mail is a valuable, cost-effective way to tell your customers who you are, and what your business offers. Get to know Direct Mail, and let your customers get to know you. A Direct Mail campaign offers customers a chance to learn about your business.

It can also:

  • Promote interest in a new product or service
  • Generate sales and orders
  • Drive traffic to your store, website, etc.
  • Cultivate long-term relationships
  • Build and increase brand recognition
  • Promote a Sale or Special
  • Announce a Grand Opening

Customers respond to mail that addresses their interests and needs. All it takes is a simple, effective Direct Mail campaign to get people to your door or website.

Benefits of Direct Mail:

Direct Mail offers a targeted way to reach your current and potential customers. It drives customers to your business or your website, and it has advantages over other advertising mediums. We offer a variety of Mailing list selects that we can tailor to your business needs. We offer Selects such as income, homeowners, age, home value, new movers, business lists, hobbies and interests, mortage information, date of birth and many more.

Recent studies by the U.S. Postal Service and a number of independent research groups found that consumers--even heavy Internet users--continue to view mail as a highly relevant and significant part of their lives. It provides a physical and tangible quality consumers find lacking in their electronic communications. But that's not all. The studies also showed that mail, working side by side with digital media, can have a substantial impact on the use of commercial websites. One of the most efficent ways to connect the physical piece with your web page is with a QR code, QR codes are easily genterated and added directly to your mail piece for easy scanning.


According to the survey, the newest tool to enter the marketing mix is Quick Response (QR) codes. Among those using QR codes, 44% are integrating them into direct mail.


More than 64 percent of consumers told us they "value the mail" they receive in their mailbox.

Research shows 79 percent of all households read or scan the direct mail they receive.

Three-quarters of Internet users say direct mail influenced them to buy something online

For more than 230 years mail has faced numerous challenges and held fast. Mail has survived because it delivers an experience that other communications simply cannot match.

Mail makes it real, put your samples or advertisments directly into the hands of the consumer making it an expericance not just a message. No other media can do that.

For More Information on United States Postal Regulations for Direct Mail Visit the USPS web site